‘I hope we are all here’: Man in his 30s who survived car crash to tell his story on ABC News show

A man who survived a car crash in Perth’s north has spoken about the “horrific” experience.

Key points:Mark Tully was driving a car in the CBD when he lost control of the car and struck a tree.

He lost control and hit a tree and another carA man was killed in the crash and his body recovered later that nightThe man was not wearing a seatbelt and was conscious for most of the crashMr Tully, 30, from the city’s east, was left with serious head injuries and internal injuries.

“I’m still in shock, absolutely devastated,” he said.

“The only thing that makes me happy about it is that the driver of the other car didn’t have a seat belt.”

Mr Tinson said the man’s “sudden death” and his recovery were “terrifying”.

“It was very, very scary.

I was screaming and trying to pull myself up from the ground,” he told the ABC.”

It wasn’t just a car wreck, it was a very violent crash.

I’ve lost my vision in my right eye.”

When I looked at the body of the deceased person, I was still in pain, my eyes were swollen and I was in agony.

“Mark Tullys wife says he is “truly thankful” to be aliveThe crash happened on November 1, 2017.

Mark TULLY was driving his car in Perth when he crashed into a tree in the north.

The crash killed his wife and his three children, including a young child aged eight.”

He [the driver] was going 100km/h and then he started to slow down and he turned left and hit another tree and then the car went through the tree,” Mr Tully said.

Mark’s wife told the broadcaster he was “totally unwell” and “really shaken up”.

He had been driving a white Volkswagen Golf sedan at the time of the accident.”

Mark said he had a terrible headache and he was getting headaches from his head injury,” he added.”

After that he had the worst headache I have ever had.

“He was flown to hospital in Sydney where he died on November 6, two days after the crash.

Mark said it was “terrible” to have to leave the family home, with his daughter and children still living at home.”

We just wanted to be able to go back and have the rest of our lives and be with our kids and my kids,” he explained.”

But I’m just thankful for the people that have come out here and supported me and I’m thankful for everyone.”‘

I am so grateful’Mark said the accident had changed his life.”

This has changed my life for the better and that is what I wanted to achieve.

“As a result of this accident I have changed my mind about going out and having a drink and getting into a car.”

My life changed for the best.


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