Nissan is unveiling its first off-roader off- road hybrid vehicle, Smart Cara

Nissan is unveiling its first off-roader off- road hybrid vehicle, Smart Cara

Nissan is bringing a new off-ramp hybrid concept vehicle to the U.S. market.

The smart car-based vehicle, named Smart Carabara, will be offered as a fully-electric off-roads vehicle with a range of up to 300 miles, according to Nissan America’s vice president of sales.

It is designed for off-highway driving and combines the best elements of an off-track vehicle and a traditional off-street vehicle to deliver an environmentally friendly ride.

“Smart Carabria is the first off road hybrid and we are excited to offer this exciting new concept to the American public,” said Michael P. Muhrmann, Nissan America vice president and general manager of product development and global product marketing.

“This is a concept car that combines all the great attributes of an Off-Road hybrid with the most advanced technology on the market.”

This product is unique and represents a major leap forward in our off- roads portfolio and will enable consumers to choose the most sustainable option when they decide to purchase a Nissan Off-road Hybrid vehicle.

“The smart, off-the-shelf vehicle is a hybrid with a six-cylinder engine and four electric motors.

The four electric motor is positioned near the center of the vehicle, and is charged through an onboard charging station located in the rear of the car.

The battery system includes a lithium-ion battery, a lithium polymer battery, and a hydrogen battery, along with a lithium oxide battery, all of which are connected via USB ports.

The Nissan Smart Carabs hybrid powertrain features an electric motor, four electric drive motors, a hydrogen fuel cell, and an air-fueled battery pack.

The battery pack is located under the rear fenders and offers the option to recharge the battery through the vehicle’s onboard charging port.

The Smart Carabus off-trail hybrid also features a new design for the rear suspension, which has been enhanced to help reduce front wheel arch when traveling on the highway.

The vehicle’s driver-seat cabin has been upgraded to include a rear seat with adjustable backrests and a full-height steering wheel.

The new interior also includes a new navigation system, an electronic entertainment system, and the ability to customize the interior with different materials and colors.

Nissan Smart Carbara will be available in the U, Canada, and Mexico beginning in 2019.

The vehicle will also be available on a number of other markets in the future, according the company.

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