‘Riding the Wild West’ on the road with a touring car

‘Riding the Wild West’ on the road with a touring car

A tour of the Wild Wild West with a Toyota Supra is one of the highlights of this year’s annual Auto Show in Detroit.

But it’s not just the vehicles that stand out.

In a nod to the show’s theme of cars being wild, the Supra, as it’s called, was stripped of its traditional exterior styling.

Rather, it was equipped with a pair of rear-mounted LED headlights that made its rear-drive, rear-wheel drive setup look more like an off-roader.

And that, as well as its high-performance drivetrain, were all the inspiration for this wild ride.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Supra.

2:21 Toyota Supras will have a new look and feel The new Supras are the first Japanese car to get a radical exterior redesign, with the interior also receiving a significant makeover.

Toyota says the car will sport a sleek new body style that “exemplifies the high-tech environment that exists today.”

Its exterior is set to be made of aluminum, while the interior will feature carbon fiber, glass, and aluminum.

The rear-facing LED headlights will also be replaced with LED “lamps,” a first for the Supras.

“The Supra has always been a car for the people who are driven by technology, driven by the world that we live in,” says Toyota Vice President of North American Sales and Marketing Masahiro Toyoda.

“It’s about taking the best parts from our best-selling vehicles and putting them into something that you can enjoy and that you are proud of.”

This new look will also feature the addition of a large center console, which has been redesigned from the ground up to fit into the car.

“We’re taking the car off the shelf, and we’re not replacing the engine, and that will make it more powerful,” Toyoda said.

“But you will still be able to drive it.”

Toyota says there will be a number of modifications to the interior, but none of them will be as radical as the changes to the exterior.

For example, the driver’s seat will now feature a more spacious interior.

Toyota has also decided to keep the rear seats folded up for easier access, but the driver will still have a rear seat that sits lower than the driver.

The car will still come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, but that will no longer be part of the standard set.

Toyota hasn’t made any changes to its infotainment system, either, with all of the buttons and switches being made on the dash.

In other words, the car is still going to have a lot of the same controls that you would expect from an offroad-oriented car.

There are also some notable changes to how the driver is going to use the car, including a revised steering wheel that has a wider range of adjustments.

The Supras also have a revised interior, with LED headlamps and LED “lights,” and a new dashboard that has an improved look.

Toyota also made a few other minor tweaks to the vehicle, like the addition in the center console of a smaller, larger steering wheel.

2 :00 Toyota Suprapolises Off-Road Adventure in Detroit The Toyota Suprabars’ latest and greatest off-world adventure is just the start of what’s to come.

The Toyota Motor Corporation is offering the Suprapols with the latest and most advanced off-Road Adventures.

These include: a fully-autonomous Off-road Adventure with an onboard computer that can recognize obstacles, detect and react to hazards, and navigate through traffic jams The Suprapolo 2, a 2WD Off- Road Adventure, is a fully automated version of the previous model, with a 3-speed transmission.

Toyota’s new Off-Rampage Adventure includes a new steering system that is easier to control, thanks to an upgraded electronic assist system that gives the driver an alert whenever a new obstacle is detected.

Toyota is also adding the ability to drive a two-wheel vehicle off the road using the optional Off-Board System.

The company is also launching a “2nd Road” off- road adventure called the Toyota Off-Roller that features a unique two-wheeled off-wheel design and a full array of sensors and cameras that make it much easier to steer around obstacles and hazards.

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