Renault-Nissan to launch off-roader on the racetrack

Renault-Nissan to launch off-roader on the racetrack

The Renault-NZXT Nismo is one of the most sought after cars in motorsport, and its development team is making the switch from the traditional road-going sports car to the off-grid hybrid in preparation for the first full season of off-track driving in the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Renault has been working closely with Nissan on developing a full off-board hybrid version of its F1-winning sports car, which has been designed to be used on the open roads of Europe.

The development programme is being led by Renault’s chief development officer and technical director Jérôme Chamin, who also leads the development of the Nissan X-Trail sports car.

The Renault Nismo hybrid sports car is designed to deliver the same level of performance, efficiency and safety as the current F1 racing car.

It is being developed by the Renault Sport Development Group (RSDG) and the Nissan Sport Development Team.

It will be based on the Renault 4CV sports car that is currently being used in Formula 1, with the same V6 turbocharged V8 engine as the F1 cars.

The Nismo will have a range of performance and safety improvements to offer over the F4-powered Renault Niva sports car developed by Renault for the French Grand Prix in 2009.

The F4’s suspension has been updated to accommodate the new car’s new technology, and the chassis has been revised to take advantage of the new super-steering system.

The new Nismo car will also be fitted with an electronic stability control system, while the new Niva will also have a full set of anti-lock brakes and anti-roll bars.

The car is expected to be ready for the inaugural FIA World Superbike Championship season in 2018, which will take place at Jerez in Spain.

The team will also race in the world’s first fully autonomous race, the European Endurance Championship, in 2019.

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