How to make a Volvo Volkodammer off-roader with a Kia Soul sedan model year 2016

How to make a Volvo Volkodammer off-roader with a Kia Soul sedan model year 2016

A Volvo V80 Volkudammer is on the horizon, as Volvo will make a new version of the car to be available in the middle of the next decade.

The Volkondammer concept was revealed by Volvo in December 2016, and it looks to be a more muscular, sporty version of a V80 with more off-highway capability.

The Volvo V90, a sedan version of its current Volkolands, is already available in China, and the Volkopolk, a SUV with a smaller body and bigger engine, is currently available in Europe.

Both of these Volkods will have Volvo’s new VolkODAMMER off-ramp system, which can make up to five off-board passengers.

The off-drive system is similar to what’s already available on the Volvo XC90 and XC100 and is designed to allow for better off-the-road driving.

Volvo has not yet revealed the price for the new Volksodammers, which will be priced at $45,000 for the XC70 and $52,000 each for the XV70 and XV90.

The car will be available to the public starting in 2019.

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