Why off-roader is worth $1.4 million: Volkodov’s new ‘supercar’ is on sale

Why off-roader is worth $1.4 million: Volkodov’s new ‘supercar’ is on sale

Supercars are one of the hottest ticket items right now, and Volkoda is one of them.

Volkodova, a new, off-the-shelf car that is capable of speeds of up to 120mph, will hit the road in 2019.

The car will be driven by a Russian-born Russian driver, Yuri Volkov, and it will have a capacity of eight passengers.

The cost is $1,400,000, and the model number will be VKLX.

The price tag may sound impressive, but this is not an off- the-shelt luxury supercar.

This is a off-ramp supercar that can tow an 8.7-tonne payload, a total of around 600kg.

The vehicle has a total weight of around 1,700kg, which is not far off the 2,400kg that the Volkodextro, which was developed by Russian engineering company Borsukhov, can tow.

Volksodova will be capable of a maximum speed of 120mph and a top speed of 130mph.

In a test run on a track at the end of April, Volkods off-grid supercar was able to hit 100mph in just 0.6 seconds.

The vehicle has an electric motor and can be charged up to 90% in five minutes, according to Volkudev.

The VKLA will be able to tow an average of 1,500kg, the same as the Volksodav.

Its range is 5,400km, which would mean it could carry around 50 passengers, according the company.

In terms of the fuel consumption, the VKLC is a hybrid of a petrol and diesel powered car.

The petrol engine consumes about 15.8 liters of fuel per kilometre, while the diesel consumes only 7.5 litres per kilometer.

The total combined fuel consumption is about 11.6 litres per km.

The car is also able to take advantage of the natural lubricity of the road and the fact that the engine has a low compression ratio of 1.7:1.

The powertrain has been tested on the track at Le Mans in 2017, and was able not only to reach 130mph but also to hit a top-speed of 130kmh.

The Volkodes main advantage is the ability to operate off-peak hours, according To Vedomosti.

The VKLV will be available for lease starting in 2019, with a daily price of $3,000 per month.

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