New Toyota Corolla sedan comes with ‘careen off-roader’ feature

New Toyota Corolla sedan comes with ‘careen off-roader’ feature

The Toyota Corollas new off-roads-only SUV is getting a new feature that is meant to make the car more comfortable and safe.

The new Toyota Corona’s careening feature comes with a special power-off feature that uses the car’s steering wheel to make it go off-the-road.

It uses the steering wheel of the car to slow down and then slowly increase the speed of the vehicle.

It’s not just about fun, the feature is meant for safety, the company said.

It also works to reduce the amount of energy needed to charge the battery in the vehicle when the car is off the road, the Toyota Motor Corp. said in a statement.

“The Toyota Coronas new technology, called Careening Off-Road, was developed to provide a more comfortable ride for drivers who want to experience the best off-ramp-and-parking experience,” it said.

The new feature, called Toyota Careering, comes with the Toyota Coronet, which is a feature that was introduced with the Corolla crossover.”

We are also proud to introduce the new Toyota Careening Technology in the Corolla, which allows drivers to control the Corona using their hands.”

The new feature, called Toyota Careering, comes with the Toyota Coronet, which is a feature that was introduced with the Corolla crossover.

It lets you control the vehicle with the driver’s hands, and lets you change lanes without the need to hold a steering wheel or pedals.

“There are no pedals in the new Coronaco.

Instead, the driver controls the steering with their hands and pedals, which helps make the Corocas vehicle more comfortable,” Toyota said in the statement.

The company also added that the Corons new Safety Assist System can be turned on and off remotely.

It works by sending a text message to the vehicle’s phone.

Toyota said that its new technology is designed to reduce energy use by as much as 15 per cent and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15 per 100 kilometres of highway driving.

The Toyota Toyota Coronda SUV was launched in China in September.

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