When a car crashed into a firefighter’s vehicle and killed one

When a car crashed into a firefighter’s vehicle and killed one

On the morning of August 27, 2016, an off-roader from the U.S. Army’s 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment was in the process of getting off a bus in rural Alabama when it was struck by a car.

The car, which was headed to a nearby field, collided with a Ford Expedition driven by a 32-year-old firefighter from the nearby town of Fayetteville.

The fire truck driver, who had been on his way to the hospital, died in the crash.

After the crash, the Expedition driver and two other firefighters suffered minor injuries and were transported to the nearby University of Alabama Medical Center.

As the two other officers were taken to the fire station to be evaluated, the vehicle left the scene and made its way back to the Army base, which sent two ambulances to the scene.

After several hours of investigation, the Army found the vehicle had hit the firefighter’s truck.

As they were being transported to another hospital, the driver of the Expedition left the vehicle and ran into the woods, which led to his arrest and the deaths of the other two firefighters.

A police investigation found that the Expedition had not been using a GPS system and that the driver was unaware of the fact that he was driving on a public road.

The driver was charged with murder and felony vehicular homicide.

The Army issued a statement that said the Expedition did not have a GPS device, and that it was unclear how the driver could have known the Expedition was going to be on a road and not on a private property.

The investigation has not been completed, and the investigation is ongoing.

A spokesperson for the 2nd Cavalry said in a statement, “We’re grateful to the firefighter and his family for helping save our lives.”

The U. S. Army has made a point to point out that it is not the Army that is to blame for the accident, but rather the driver.

The Expedition was assigned to the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, which is based in Fort Lewis, Washington.

The brigade’s website says that the brigade is composed of soldiers from “every branch of the U the Army.”

The brigade has been operating in Iraq since February 2016, and in 2016 was assigned the responsibility of providing support for the mission to combat ISIS.

In 2017, the brigade deployed to Iraq for the first time since the fall of Mosul in June 2017.

In addition to providing logistics and intelligence support, the battalion has been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq to conduct counter-terrorism operations.

The battalion has an average of 16 soldiers deployed in Iraq each year, with an average daily strength of over 100.

The US Army has since made it clear that it does not condone the use of GPS devices in off-the-road vehicles.

The Department of Defense (DoD) says that GPS systems are not currently part of the standard equipment used on any vehicles that are driven off-trail.

However, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced that it will soon begin requiring GPS devices on all vehicles that use a GPS tracking system, including all off-tire vehicles, as a part of a program to protect against the spread of advanced weapons systems.

The DoD has also said that it intends to establish a GPS training program for all U. States Army and Air Force personnel and their families, including the use on off-track vehicles.

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