Volkodava helicopter crew rescue two-after car runs off road

Volkodava helicopter crew rescue two-after car runs off road

Volkodi helicopter crew rescued two passengers after a car ran off a road in Baja off road cars.

The crew of Volkoda Helicopters had a brief communication with the passengers when the vehicle ran off the road near the city of Lajitas in the state of Baja California Sur.

The rescue mission was carried out by the crew of the Volkodskiy, the most experienced helicopter in the world.

Volkodavia Helicoptering, an independent helicopter company, is based in Volkodechnya, near Volkodergorod.

Volkskiy Helicopting is a member of the company which has been operating in the Volkov region since 1995.

The VolkODAV helicopter was heading towards the city to retrieve two passengers who were stranded in the snow in the city after their vehicle crashed into a tree in a forest.

The passengers were injured and the vehicle became stuck.

The helicopter crew managed to free the passengers and get them to safety in the helicopter.

The injured passengers were taken to the Volkhodava Hospital and later released.

The other passenger was treated for minor injuries and discharged from the hospital.

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