How to get your car off the ground off-roading

How to get your car off the ground off-roading

The Off-Road Research Institute (ORRI) has released the definitive guide to off-highway car ownership.

The report, which is available in two versions, a downloadable pdf and a printed book, will be of interest to all off-the-road enthusiasts.

The PDF edition costs £8.99 and the printed book is £25.00.

The ORRI website states the guide “will be of particular value to those who are already driving off-hills”.

“It’s been a great experience driving on roads that are not quite as challenging as those we know and love,” says ORRI chief executive, Dr Mike Evans.

“We’ve learned a lot and we can all learn from the lessons.”

“Driving off-tarmac is a lot more fun and we get to see things new.”

The guide lists some of the most common off-ground experiences, including off-water swimming, mountain biking and skiing.

While the report says you shouldn’t have to buy a car, it does suggest you should consider a new car when purchasing a car.

It recommends getting a small vehicle such as a mini van or SUV to help you off-track.

You should also consider renting a vehicle and having a carpool.

If you’re planning to drive to work on a weekend, ORRI recommends renting a car that has a range of gears.

Read more about off-and-on driving in this week’s TalkSport.

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