When you have an accident, you can call the emergency services

When you have an accident, you can call the emergency services

Posted September 13, 2019 07:31:11In Australia, a person who is injured in an accident is entitled to a car rental agency to pick them up at their home.

The government is cracking down on the practice, saying it is not a good practice to drive around in a rental car, which would result in the loss of a person’s home and car.

Key points:The Government is cracking up on the “unfair” rental car industryThis new policy is a pilot for other states and territoriesThe Government says it will crack down on illegal and abusive practicesThe car rental industry says the change will save livesThe new policy aims to cut rental car rental rates, but it’s not easy.

Rental car companies like Uber and hire-to-pay companies like Grab have tried to exploit this new policy by driving around in rental cars, often with no passengers or other drivers, while offering only limited services.

The Government has decided to crack down.

“It is clear from the experience of the Government that the unlicensed car rental business is one of the most significant drivers of crime in Australia,” Assistant Commissioner Andrew Wilson said.

“In response to this industry’s unlicensed conduct, the Government is introducing a range of penalties for those who operate such vehicles.”

They can be fined up to $500, while those that operate illegally may face a maximum fine of $250,000.

“This new system will help bring the operators of these illegal vehicles to justice and ensure that we continue to see more and more people injured and killed while they are on the road.”‘

They want to hurt you’When a person is injured, they may find themselves trapped in their rental car and unable to call for help.

“We want to be sure we’re not putting more people in that situation,” Commissioner Wilson said, “but we have got to ensure that this is an appropriate way of doing it.”

The Government will now have to ensure the vehicles can only be used for short-term journeys.

“You can’t be using the vehicle for longer than is absolutely necessary,” Commissioner Hamilton said.

In the meantime, rental car companies will have to abide by strict rules, including limiting how much passengers are allowed to use.

“Rental cars are a service that is in a unique position to provide people with safe and affordable transportation,” Commissioner James said.

“If the vehicle is not operated safely, there is the potential for harm to occur to the passenger, as well as the driver.”

Renters have been hit by an estimated $1.2 billion of car rental charges in NSW, and more than 10,000 people have been killed in collisions in NSW.

“The Government needs to act,” Commissioner Russell said.

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