Careen Off-Road Car, Dejong Off-road Cars, Smart Cara Off-ROAD car,Supercar Off- road car, off-roading

Careen Off-Road Car, Dejong Off-road Cars, Smart Cara Off-ROAD car,Supercar Off- road car, off-roading

Dejong, a leading off- road vehicle manufacturer, is expanding its range of luxury off- roads with the launch of a smart off- the-road SUV.

Dejong Off Road cars are equipped with a unique technology called the Careen Smart.

Designed to maximize the value of a single vehicle, the Careens Eco-Drive System is powered by a combination of advanced advanced sensors and powerful electrical system.

This technology creates an ultra-efficient off-the-road vehicle with the ability to travel at speeds up to 80kmh (50mph) and speeds of up to 180kmh.

The smart off road vehicle is designed to travel on paved roads and is equipped with high-speed sensors that measure terrain, terrain conditions and road surface characteristics to optimise the vehicle’s ability to traverse the terrain.

Dejong will release a Careen Eco-Driver Edition which features a 7.5-liter engine, an electric motor and a new lithium ion battery pack that delivers a peak of 400kmh for the first time.

The Careen off–road vehicles have been designed to achieve a maximum speed of up, to 160kmh, on paved highways.

They can also travel up to 200kmh on rough roads, with the potential to exceed that.

Careen will be launching the Careened Off- Road SUV in 2018 with a range of vehicles that include a Smart Off- the Road car, a Careened Road Car, the Dejong off road car and the Smart Off Road car.

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