How to save the Dejong offroad car from extinction

How to save the Dejong offroad car from extinction

Dejong Offroad Cars (DACA) are the new breed of off-roading vehicles.

They are small and rugged, with off-tour features and a low cost.

The off-world versions can reach speeds up to 130km/h and have a range of up to 4,000km.

But this is just a fraction of the potential for a car like the De Jong, which can travel across a large stretch of road, from the south coast of Queensland to the Arctic Circle, without stopping at all.

“They can do things you can’t even imagine doing on the road, like mountain climbing,” said Rob Hynes, chief executive of the Australian Off-Road Vehicles Association.

The Dejong has a range that is more than twice as long as the average road vehicle.

It can climb up to 20 kilometres on just a single charge, and has a top speed of 125km/hr.

The car can also go up to 30 kilometres on a single trip.

The owner of the Dejays has a strong motivation to keep these off-the-beaten-path cars alive, as they have been around for years.

“I love them,” Mr Hynes said.

“The car’s been around since 2006.

The Dejicks are a great vehicle to build a new family. “

It’s a very reliable vehicle.”

The Dejicks are a great vehicle to build a new family.

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