Tesla’s smart car gets the spotlight in 2017

Tesla’s smart car gets the spotlight in 2017

The electric carmaker has announced that its all-electric, all-terrain vehicle, the Tesla Model S, will be the subject of an upcoming film, and will make its debut in the fall.

The film, called “Tesla” by Tesla, will explore the world of Tesla Motors, the company’s self-driving technology.

The film is a sequel to “The Road Warrior,” a feature-length documentary Tesla released in 2017 that explored the company and its autonomous vehicle technology.

According to the film, Tesla was founded in 2009, but was never able to successfully sell its cars.

The Model S has already been seen in films like “Drive” and “The Driver,” but has never been on film before.

Tesla has yet to reveal the title of the film.

According the press release, “Tesla’s Road Warrior” will be a film that focuses on Tesla Motors’ technology and the people that use it, and how Tesla is changing the world.

“It’s a story of Tesla’s vision and passion for making the world a better place, a story that captures the thrill of driving a Tesla, the thrill and wonder of the experience, and the sheer joy of driving,” said director Michael Goggin.

“This story of the future of transportation will be about people, and a lot of that will come from a Tesla.

It’s an experience of the human spirit.”

The trailer for the film includes scenes from the film “Road Warrior,” which features actor and comedian Anthony Mackie as a driver who tries to save a group of teenagers from a train.

The trailer also includes scenes of the Tesla vehicles in action, including a high-speed crash in the desert and an autonomous car driving along the freeway.

Tesla said the film will focus on the people who use the electric cars and how they are transforming our world.

The “Tesla Road Warrior Trailer” will air in October on HBO, with an upcoming premiere scheduled for September.

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