How I bought my first BMW

How I bought my first BMW

The title of this article is taken from the Lad Bible, a publication of the Lad tribe of North America.

It’s a great resource for anyone interested in the Lad culture.

Here’s what you need to know about it: Lad history The Lad tribe in North America originated in the late 19th century and was largely centered in B.C. but also spread throughout Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.

The tribe was once the largest tribe in the Americas.

The name Lad comes from the Hebrew word for “leader.”

It means “he who rules.”

In the Lad language, the word “lad” means “lord.”

This title was given to the first ever car rental company, the Lad-owned Carriage and Hotel Company of Toronto.

They were very successful, and the word Lad-car is still used to describe them today.

In the early 1900s, the Carriage & Hotel Company started renting out cars for hire, mostly to white workers in the area.

By 1924, Lad car rental rates were the highest in Canada.

The Lad were a religious and social group who lived in a traditional way.

They practiced their religion with the same rigor and intensity as many other tribes.

Today, the car rental industry in Canada is dominated by the Carriages & Hotel companies.

The company is based in Toronto and the community has grown to include several different communities throughout the province.

It operates through a variety of businesses, including car rental, restaurant, grocery store, and even clothing stores.

The Carriage Company is Canada’s largest car rental chain.

In 2017, the company reported a profit of $1.3 billion.

Car rental rates in Canada are among the highest among industrialized countries, but in recent years, Carriage has been trying to improve its car rental services.

The car rental market in Canada has been steadily increasing over the last decade, thanks to rising vehicle costs and rising competition from cheaper rentals around the world.

The number of car rental companies has increased dramatically in recent decades.

The average number of cars rented in Canada was about 14,000 in 2015.

However, that number has more than doubled to about 27,000.

Many car rental businesses have been shut down or closed for years, leaving many locals and travellers in a precarious position.

Many businesses in the car-rental industry are owned by corporations, so they can’t be directly affected by the loss of revenue.

Many have gone out of business or closed entirely.

The situation has created a precarious situation for people who rely on car rental in Canada, including many who are single parents or elderly.

Car-renting is the only way that many people can get around town.

In some areas, the majority of the rental cars are rented out by family members, who must have a car, driver’s license, and insurance.

People in rural areas often have to take the bus or walk long distances to get around.

People without car insurance are often forced to buy a car at a dealership.

While car rental is a way to earn income, it is also a way for the car industry to keep its profits and expand into new markets.

Car insurance companies charge a premium to car rental drivers, but there are also discounts for customers who buy a vehicle directly from a Carriage company.

Some of the Carriers cars are equipped with wireless charging systems that charge the car at night.

In addition to providing a profit to the company, these car rental systems have a positive impact on the environment.

They make the car cheaper to rent, and reduce the amount of pollution that comes with transporting large vehicles.

In 2019, the Canadian Association of Carriers released a report saying that vehicle ownership and car ownership options are a growing driver of sustainable development in Canada and around the globe.

The report said that the car is the most important factor that contributes to economic growth and that sustainable development is best achieved when we have a stable, predictable, and secure transportation system.

The automotive industry is now Canada’s most important economic driver.

In fact, in 2016, the industry generated nearly $1 trillion in economic activity in Canada alone.

The industry employs more than 6.2 million people, and has a turnover of $2.6 trillion.

The growth in car rental business is not a one-off phenomenon.

The popularity of the car has become so ingrained in many people’s lives that the cars themselves have become part of their daily routines.

Many people who work in the automotive industry have a very long and complicated career, and have to juggle a myriad of jobs, which has made it difficult for people to maintain their current lifestyle.

It can also be difficult for those who do not have an advanced degree to keep up with technology.

The lack of access to transportation can have serious financial consequences.

Car ownership has become more common for young people in Canada in recent times, and people are more likely to have a family member or relative who owns a car.

Some younger people may be hesitant to rent a car because they have heard about the dangers of the transportation industry and feel uncomfortable

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