“Smart cara” off-roading in Australia: New technology to make cars safer

“Smart cara” off-roading in Australia: New technology to make cars safer

The Australian Off-Road Vehicle Association (ARVOA) is proud to present “Smart Cara” – a new off-grid powered smart car.

The ARVOA is a network of more than 200 off-highway vehicle enthusiasts and car enthusiasts, who share the passion for off-roads, off-car sharing and off-trail travel.

The ARVoa, as the name implies, is the brainchild of an Australian-based off-vehicle sharing network known as “The Cara Group”.

The Caracol group is one of the largest off-tour car sharing networks in the world, with more than 1,200 members and more than 3,000 members in Australia alone.

ARVSA founder Chris O’Connor says the new Smart Cara is a step in the right direction.

“The cara group is proud of the Smart Caran, as well as its other technologies, like GPS and Bluetooth, and its technology platform that includes the smart vehicle and off road car sharing,” he said.

“We want to see it make cars as safe and reliable as possible, but also as convenient as possible.”ARVSA will be showcasing the new smart car at the ARVCOF 2018 trade show in Sydney on October 28.

The ARVs “Smart Vehicle” features include a smart windshield and front windshield wipers, and a smart front and rear door locks.

A smart driver assistance system (PAS) is also included, with a feature that lets you remotely disable the vehicle when it’s not in use.

“With the cara technology, you can drive the car as far as you like off-ramp, and you can turn it on and off as you want,” Mr O’ Connor said.

“It’s got all of these different features that you might find in a normal off-bike, off road, off trail, off car, off cycle, off sail, or even on a horse.”

It’s also got an off-camera camera that you can use to get a 360-degree view of the road and the surroundings, and it has GPS and a rear-view camera.

“What we’ve done with this cara is to create a fully autonomous car, that has a GPS system, a camera, a rear view camera, and the ability to turn it off and on.”

The ARVAA is a membership-based network, with members having the option of joining for free.

The group is a registered charity, and all memberships cost $20 to $30.

The members are also entitled to a free digital audio and video recording of their rides, and they can record videos and photos for their own use.

The membership fee includes a monthly ARVVO membership card.

ARVVO founder and president Paul Cunliffe says the ARVs technology is a first for off road travel.

“This is one the first off-street vehicle sharing networks that’s really really built to be very safe,” he told The Huffington Press.

“If you have a problem with the car, we can send a vehicle to the car for you.

The car will then take care of the problem, and we’re the people who will be out there driving the car and doing the driving.”

The Smart Carabos smart car uses an Arduino based sensor to measure road conditions, and an external camera to see the road ahead.

“We use a GPS, the car uses GPS,” Mr Cuniliffe said.

“You can have up to eight cameras in the car at any time, which means you have the ability of having a 360 degree view of what’s happening.”

Mr Cuntilliffe said the car was able to autonomously drive to any destination, with its smart technology enabled by a computer.

“That’s one of our great things about this car is that it is actually very low maintenance, it’s low maintenance on a car,” he added.

“You could easily take it off the road, or you could take it to a local petrol station, it could be rented out to someone else, and that’s what we really want.”

All you have to do is plug it in, and if you’re going to be out on the road then you can do that too.

“Mr Cunilliffe says it’s easy to install the car on the trail, and he believes the car is well suited to the Australian landscape.”

One of the challenges we’ve had with the GPS is that the road is not as level as it should be, and so it’s difficult for the car to make sure it’s going in the correct direction,” he explained.”

So we use the GPS to help us drive in the direction we want, so that’s something that we can do with the smart car.

“The Carabo Group’s Smart Car has been in testing for more than a year, and is being tested at the Cara Car

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