Why this vintage off-roading car is a lifesaver

Why this vintage off-roading car is a lifesaver

On April 6, 2012, a two-wheeled motorcycle, named Dora, crashed into a tree in the hills east of the town of KwaZulu-Natal.

The motorcycle left the roadway and slid into the tree.

The driver and passenger suffered minor injuries and the motorcycle was not damaged.

A few weeks later, on April 25, a motorcyclist who was riding a motorcycle crashed into another motorcycle on a rural road near a farm in KwaNatal’s KwaKwa village.

He was not injured.

On April 27, a passenger riding a motorbike and a motorhome were both struck by a truck in Kiawahili.

Both died of their injuries.

The accident that caused the accident in Kwanzaa, on the southern coast of South Africa, left nine people dead.

The deaths have triggered investigations into why and how a vehicle could run off-the-road.

The Kwa-Wemeka Highway, a one-way road from KwaWemeto, to the city of Kwenwa, has been closed since April 27.

The highway carries a daily volume of about 200,000 vehicles.

The local authorities have been working for several months to repair and upgrade the highway.

But it took some time, and some major repairs, to get it back up and running.

A special task force from the KwaGula National Park Authority, along with a local volunteer group, have been tackling the problem.

The group was set up by the Kwanazli Municipality in 2009.

A task force of experts, engineers, and volunteers has been working on the Kwazilega Highway for the past four years.

The task force includes experts from the National Park Service, the Kwenzi National Park and the State Land Management Authority.

The committee is comprised of a former chief of police, former police commissioner, and a former police chief from Kwisa.

The road is heavily patrolled by security and police officers.

There are checkpoints and security cameras in places of employment.

There is a road sign with an emergency signal to alert drivers to approaching police vehicles.

All of this was done to help restore the highway and protect people from the risks that come with off- road driving.

The main road from the village of Wemeka to the Klaasengs, where the motorcycle crashed, is the same one that was hit.

The Wemekas were once a thriving community and there are remnants of their former economy.

Nowadays, the area is deserted and there is a large number of illegal logging in the area.

The forest, once home to many species of animals, is now used as a wildlife reserve.

The community of Wema, a small village of about 10 people, is on the opposite side of the road from Wemega, and is not connected to the Wemela road.

The residents of Wemsa have also been trying to rebuild their lives after the accident.

The village has also set up a mobile home park with a small shop for people to sell their wares and services, as well as a small garden.

The area is still sparsely populated and the area surrounding the village is used for logging.

The people of Wewela have been trying hard to rebuild after the tragedy.

The family of one of the people killed in the accident told a local news outlet that they were still grieving and that they hoped the investigation would reveal why the vehicle was on the road.

They added that the family wanted to send a message to other people who were not safe.

The team at the Wela-Wemi Road Safety Project is currently working on a project to create awareness and provide support to the people of the village, including those who are living in the immediate area.

They are also working to help the residents of the nearby villages.

They said that if the investigation leads to the answers, they would be able to start the reconstruction process in a way that would be more sustainable.

They also want to give hope to the community that the road can be restored and that people from other parts of the world can enjoy the same freedoms that they enjoy in their own communities.

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